Civil Sector

Energy analysis of buildings

It allows you to evaluate and study effective measures suitable to improve the structure of the building envelope (insulation, windows, roofs) and energy and technological systems requalification.

It is able to consciously choose interventions,  which can be evaluated on an objective basis and demonstrable in relation to costs and benefits, able to  reduce energy consumption  and enhance the custumer’s property.

Moreover the Engineering Office Studio has also specific skills in “Low Energy Building Systemsand “Passive House”

Technological systems, thermotechnical and Fire Prevention design:

Appropriate technological systems solutions are able to increase theliving comfort” by improving the level of well-being, the quality of life and the indoor environment.

We design and build technological, energy and high technological efficiency systems, in particular:

  • Heating systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Air treatment and ventilations systems specifically for offices, clinics and medical and health environments
  • Systems and equipment for “Catering and Refrigeration”
  • Water and sanitation technical systems and gas distribution systems
  • Fire Safety Engineering Service and design of fixed fire extinguishing systems

The design and consulting services offered are able to offer safe tangible benefits. Spending is converted into real economic investment giving additional value to technological assets.

Renewable energy

The technological systems and energy solutions integrate a range of technologies exploiting environmentally friendly  energy.

Particular attention is given to:

  • Thermo-solar heating systems
  • Solar PhotoVoltaic systems
  • Geothermal systems

They provide important economic benefits by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, significant savings are achieved linked to the reduction of the cost of buying the fuel itself,  contributing to a sharp reduction in the environmental impact.

Additional services

We provide a complete and cross-cutting engineering service.

  • Integrated building, energy and technological systems design
  • Electrical systems
  • Acoustics

We guarantee a “performed to rule of art” work

  • Running execution of land registry and building design
  • Work and safety management on site
  • Evaluations and estimates
  • Technical advice and on-site assistance
  • Budgeting and controlling costs and the process of carrying out the work control