Industrial Sector

  • Energy diagnosis and analysis

We can define the energy balance of the building-technological systems complex, identify the works of energy and technological systems redevelopment, that can improve energy efficiency, assess its technical opportunities and economic convenience.  

This leads to a significant improvement in the conditions of well-being and safety, a reduction in the costs of technological systems management.

  • Thermotechnical and industrial technological systems design

Integrated systems and industrial technological systems design:

Heating systems

Both hydronic and  steam, all types of heating systems.

Panels heating and cooling systems, infrared radiant heating systems, mixed fresh air supply/radiant panel heating and cooling systems, and full air supply systems.

Climate control systems

Air conditioning and air treatment, we can choose technological systems solutions such as full air supply, or VRF systems (variable refrigerant flow system), mixed technological system solutions of fun-coil type plus fresh air supply systems, or radiant heating and cooling panels plus fresh air supply systems, the innovative adiabatic cooling systems, which can be integrated with absorption, thermo-solar heating and cogeneration systems.

Air ventilation and air renewal / polluting suction systems

Ventilation/aspiration systems, which are essential for air quality in the internal environment related to the tertiary and industrial environment.

Industrial process cold and conditioning systems

The Studio has developed specific expertise in refrigeration and refrigeration systems  such as refrigeration storage,  refrigeration systems for industrial use.

Technical Rooms (heating, cooling, water, pumping)

Heating, cooling and water, pumping rooms are designed to meet all safety standards dictated by the current regulations (international technical standards, and laws of fire prevention and pressure equipment industry..etc).

  • Renewable energy systems

The exploitation of solar energy (thermal  and photovoltaic) allows a consistent energy spare and contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions and greenhouse gases.

Solar photovoltaic and thermal heating systems are designed for the self-production of electricity and hot water. We also design cogeneration systems.  

  • Industrial and process systems

The industrial sector provides specific solutions with a high degree of specialization and the capacity of a high synergy with the client. We design compressed air and technical gas systems, technological use and industrial heating systems, mechanical systems, fluid distribution systems, storage and transport systems for oil, liquid and gas fuels, lubricants, etc.

  • Automation, electrical systems, industrial process logistics

Pneumatic, Oleodynamics systems, both pure and electric drive, PLC. Study and design of the plant-layout, maintenance plans.  

  • Fire prevention

A consultancy service is provided for the study of fire risk analysis in order to quantify the fire itself and to develop contingency plans.

In the area of “Fire Safety Engineering”, technical systems (fixed fire extinguishing systems) , active and passive protection systems are designed, ranging from traditional hydrants fixed fire extinguishing systems to foam fixed fire extinguishing systems, sprinklers fixed fire extinguishing systems, gas fixed fire extinguishing systems, water mist fixed fire extinguishing systems etc.

The Studio has all the qualifications provided by the current rules and laws.

  • Related services

Customer assistance after design continues with the work management,  on-site assistance and the drafting of  appraisals, estimates and testing. We ensure compliance with the correct progress and execution of  works,  employment of materials in accordance with the design specifications and their correct putting in works to “Rule of Art”, according to the best state of the technique.

We integrate our technical services through partnerships with buildings design studios, ensuring the end customer a 360° engineering service.